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Website Maintenance

While your modern content management system offers unparalleled functionality and ease of use, it vastly increases the complexity of the site code, presenting a much bigger “attack surface” to hackers. In addition, ecommerce sites contain sensitive data which further increases the hacker’s motivation to get inside.

It is possible and of course essential to build a site with security best practices in mind, however new vulnerabilities are continually being discovered and patched with security updates to the CMS core or module code. So to keep a site secure means keeping it up to date.

Should the worst happen, and your site be compromised, it is essential to have a set of current database and file backups so that you can wipe the web server clean and restore from a clean backup – making sure to patch the vulnerability this time!

Moot Point offers a cost-effective website maintenance service:

Prompt application of core and plugin security updates

Regular file and database backups to the cloud – not stored on the web server

Rectification of site bugs or server downtime

Admin support for items such as user creation

The site maintenance contract allocates a suitable number of support hours per month. Unused hours can be rolled into the next period. And you have peace of mind knowing there is help at the end of the phone.

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A website maintenance contract can bring you peace of mind, knowing your site is up to date and secure. Find out if website maintenance could help your business.