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Website Development

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When it comes to web development, there are several common requirements:

  • Complete redevelopment, replacing the content management system with a new one. This strategy is often motivated by an ageing CMS and a dated design. While redeveloping a site with a new CMS will give you all the features of a modern system, it also has cost implications:
    • complete redevelopment can be costly in development time
    • staff have to be trained to used a new CMS
    • data migration will be required to move the old content to the new
    • SEO must be carefully considered so as not to reduce search traffic
  • Updating the design of an existing site by reskinning the CMS with a responsive theme. This is usually motivated by the growing numbers of customers using mobile devices. While customers may not transact using their smart phones, they often perform initial research on them. If they can’t browse your products on their phones, you’ve lost a potential sale.
  • Enabling an existing site for ecommerce, allowing your business to sell online. A suitable ecommerce framework must be chosen:
    • matching the existing CMS if required, for example WooCommerce for WordPress sites
    • capable of integrating with a payment gateway for the current merchant account
    • able to integrate with any stock control systems if required
  • Creation of a brochure site from scratch. While a simple site such as this might not seem to require a content management system, it is often advisable to build a brochure site in WordPress or similar because it enables you to keep your content up to date without requiring a developer. It is also straightforward to add functionality such as a blog or ecommerce at a later stage.
  • Modification of an existing site to add new functions. This can be achieved by custom module development, or the installation and configuration of a purchased plugin.

Moot Point can help with all these web development needs, and can help advise as to the best approach to take for your business.

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